Did CEO Drape have henna on his feet? Qadir Khan Mandukhel


The Chairman of the Special Committee of the National Assembly Qadir Khan Mandukhel expressed his indignation at the non-arrival of the CEO Drape and said that the CEO had henna on his feet.

In the meeting of the special committee of the National Assembly for the affected employees, the issue of the employees of the Drug Regulatory Authority was also heard.

Chairman Qadir Khan Mandukhel said that the problem of these employees has been lying for so long, will it continue like this?

The committee summoned CEO Drap with a full report on the issue of affected employees.

The affected doctor of Pims said that all our salaries have been stopped for a year.

Chairman Committee Qadir Mandukhel said that it is a matter of taking labor from the worker and not giving wages.

The committee sought a report from the Ministry of Health on the issue of 10 employees of the Federal Medical and Dental College.

Health Ministry officials said that the cases of 8 PIMS employees have been sent to FPSC.

The committee directed the Ministry of Health to extend the contract period of the employees by 2 years.


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