Bharti Singh cried after repeatedly calling her son papa instead of mama


Comedian Bharti Singh was brought to tears after repeatedly calling her son ‘Laksh’ papa instead of mother.

Bharti Singh’s husband Harsh Limbachia shared a video on photos and videos sharing website Instagram, in which his wife and son Laksh are seen, with the caption ‘Only Papa’ along with a heart emoji. Is.

In the video, it can be seen that as soon as Bharti Singh gets into the car, her son Laksh calls her papa several times in a cute way instead of saying ‘mama’.

Along with the video, Harsh said that the video was mirrored with son Laksh’s mother, we also call our son Gola with love.

He said that during a journey in the car, Bharti tried his best to hear the word mother from his son, but he got to hear papa instead of mama.

Harsh Limbachiyan said that Bharti Singh’s heart was broken on his son’s reaction and he pretended to cry.

In the video, it can be seen that Laksh, who is wearing a white shirt, is on his nanny’s lap and mother Bharti Singh is sitting right next to him.

The comedian says at this point that my son has been bitten by a mosquito in two places near his eye, and she touches Gola’s right eye.

At this, Laksh utters the word papa, to which Bharti Singh says, “Beta mamma on camera,” but he says papa several times.

Bharti Singh says mother, mother several times to her son’s reaction, but the son says papa again, after which the car erupts in laughter and the comedian pretends to cry while making a sad face.

Many actors and fans of the couple have commented and expressed their love for this video.


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