‘Bhai’ is present for PSL Anthem, Ali Zafar


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Fans started contacting Ali Zafar to sing the anthem of the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League, so the singer also told everyone his answer.

A fan on social media requested Ali Zafar to sing the PSL anthem on his YouTube channel, please give this gift to the people in these economic conditions.

In response to this fan, Ali Zafar wrote that I am sure that Najam Sethi and his team will choose the best for this job.

Ali Zafar wrote on social media that this is for the country and the sport for which we are all together.

Ali Zafar wrote that if you need me, you know, my brother is here.

However, looking at this conversation on social media, it can be guessed that Ali Zafar will not get this opportunity this time because according to the details released on PSL’s social media accounts on the next day of this conversation, this time the PSL anthem will be played. I Shai Gul, Faris Shafi, Asim Azhar and Abdullah Siddiqui will create the magic of their voices.


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