Alia Riaz is preparing well for the Women’s T20 World Cup


National women’s cricketer Alia Riaz has said that there is good preparation for the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup.

Alia Riaz, who showed the best all-round performance in the warm-up match against South Africa, said that the batting plan for this match was to change the strike at the beginning and hit wherever the opportunity arose.

He said that I and Ayesha Naseem had discussed during the batting that we should not give up singles. The plan was that we would hit wherever the ball was in our area.

Regarding bowling, Alia Riaz said that I bowled according to the fielding, which helped in taking wickets.

The all-rounder of the national team said that he got experience after playing the series against Australia, due to which he is well prepared for the T20 World Cup.


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