A video of the torture of a professor in the People’s Bus Service in Karachi has come to light


A video of the torture of a university professor in the People’s Bus Service in Karachi came to light, while Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon also took notice of the incident.

Regarding the incident, Professor Dr. Atif Jameel says that he was sitting in the red bus from his home in Clifton to the university. Gave 5 notes of 10 rupees to the conductor for rent. The conductor returned one note and asked to give another one, it was taped.

According to Dr. Atif Jameel, he told the conductor that there is a note of 1000, but it is not open. On which the conductor said to give 10 rupees or else he will drop off here.

Dr. Atif claimed that the conductor tortured the driver along with the harsh words.

Later, Sharjeel Memon released a message on social media regarding this incident.

According to Sharjeel Memon, instructions have been given to the Secretary Transport to inquire into the incident.

Sharjeel Memon wrote that I can assure on behalf of the Sindh government that justice will be done.

It should be noted that the case of this incident has been registered in Darakhshan police station.


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