A consensus was reached in the talks between Pakistan and the IMF


In the talks between Pakistan and the IMF, there was an agreement on the reforms and steps to be taken.

According to the sources, financial policies were discussed, the draft of mutual economic and financial policy will be finalized today.

On the 9th day of the negotiations between Pakistan and the IMF, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar met with the delegation of the IMF Mission Chief.

Sources say that the IMF mission chief said that the draft of the mutual economic and fiscal policy for negotiations is being prepared, the draft of the MEFP will be finalized today.

According to the sources, the IMF mission chief said that in today’s talks, there was a detailed discussion on the fiscal policies, there was a consensus on the reforms and the measures taken as a result of the talks.

Sources say that tomorrow is the last day of negotiations between the IMF delegation and Pakistan.

Earlier, Minister of State for Finance Ayesha Ghos Pasha said that the decisions made in the negotiations with the government and the IMF delegation have been approved by the Prime Minister.

He said that the agreement with the IMF is the need of Pakistan. The negotiations with the IMF are now moving towards the end of things.


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