15 planes of Israeli military personnel, medical teams and relief supplies have arrived in Turkey


AIsrael launched ‘Operation Wolf Branches’ to help earthquake victims in Turkey, 15 planes of military personnel, medical teams and relief supplies reached Turkey.

Under this operation, the medical team of Israel has reached Turkey today.

A joint delegation of the Israeli army and the Ministry of Health carried 230 military personnel and hundreds of tons of aid in 15 planes.

The medical corps of the Israeli Army’s Technology and Logistics Division is commanding this relief operation.

Brigadier General Gilad Kanaan, commander of Israel’s Navatim Airbase, said that it has been 48 hours since Operation Olaf Branches began.

All the relief operations for Turkey are being done from this air base.

He said that now our next step is to establish a field hospital in Turkey.

He said that a team of 150 military personnel is already in Turkey and has rescued dozens of people from the rubble.

The Brigadier General said that we are transferring 100 tons of equipment to Turkey which will help us stay there and help the injured and other earthquake victims.


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