Smartphone app developed to diagnose corona virus by voice

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Now it is possible to know whether a person is suffering from corona virus or not.

A study presented at the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society has revealed that with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), an app can now detect whether a person is infected with the novel coronavirus, using just a human voice. Is it or not?

This app can be installed in any mobile, in this app a person has to say something after which his voice sample is matched with a database and based on this the algorithm gives the result immediately.This model was developed by Dr. Wafa al-Jabawi and his colleagues.

According to the team, this AI model is so effective that its diagnosis is as good as, and in many cases better than, Hobho lateral flow or a rapid antigen test.

This smartphone app can be used in remote, impoverished countries Where expensive PCR tests and personnel are not available.

Dr Wafa has developed this smartphone app at Maastricht University and in initial experiments it has detected the results of corona cases with 89% accuracy, while the effectiveness of the lateral flow test may vary due to different brands. In particular, the patient with some kind of visible symptoms also fails this test.

Dr. Wafa says that the cost of this smartphone app is negligible and Everyone can do their own test with it, not only that A virtual test of a person sitting thousands of miles away is also possible.

Experts believe that after the attack of the corona epidemic, significant changes in voice occur due to the lungs being affected.

For the initial experiment of the app, 4536 healthy and corona affected people were contacted and a total of 893 voices were recorded from them. Out of them, 308 people were victims of Corona before.

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