Regret the words about Judge Zeba Chaudhry: Imran Khan

Chairman PTI Imran Khan – file photo

Chairman PTI Imran Khan has expressed regret over the words spoken about the female judge Zeba Chaudhry.

Imran Khan has submitted a new written reply in the Islamabad High Court in the matter of threatening the female judicial magistrate in the meeting.

Imran Khan has submitted a 19-page supplementary reply in the Supreme Court in response to the show cause notice.

In the submitted reply, Imran Khan has said that he is deeply sorry for the words that came out of his mouth unintentionally.

He has said in the submitted reply that it is encouraging that I have been given an opportunity to present my position, I have always expressed my opinion based on the respect of institutions.

In the submitted reply, Imran Khan says that I assure that I respect the court and the judges, the judges are always busy in providing justice to the common man.

Chairman PTI in the reply submitted in the court said that my intention was not to hurt the heart of the lady magistrate, I have great respect for the High Court and its subordinate courts.

He said that it was not the intention to hurt the sentiments of the lady judge, regretting the words spoken inadvertently in the public rally.

In the submitted reply, Imran Khan has said that he did not intend to threaten the female judge but could not even think of doing so.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in the submitted reply that the courts always recognize the Islamic principles of forgiveness and tolerance.

Imran Khan has requested the Supreme Court to accept the explanation and discharge the show cause notice.

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