Air ambulance arrives in Karachi from India and leaves for Tehran

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An air ambulance arrived in Karachi from Nagpur, India last night and left for Tehran, Iran after refueling.

According to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sources, the air ambulance came to Pakistan with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority in which a patient was on board.

The Red Star Aviation Air Ambulance plane landed at Karachi Airport at 12:06 pm, which was being flown by Pakistani pilot Abrar-ul-Islam while 3 of its crew were from Turkey.

According to aviation sources, AirJet 45 is registered in Turkey, which flies as an air ambulance.

The air ambulance arrived in the Indian city of Nagpur from Bangkok at 9:30 last night.

After an hour’s stay at Nagpur Airport, the plane took off for Karachi at 10:30 pm.

The air ambulance was refueled in Karachi after which the plane left for Tehran at 1:19 pm.


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