The order to prevent illegal action against Haleem Adil is upheld

The order to prevent illegal action against Haleem Adil is upheld

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The Sindh High Court upheld the order restraining the police and other institutions from taking illegal action against Haleem Adil and also restrained other family members from harassing him.

A hearing was held in the Sindh High Court on the petition against the police raid at the house of PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh and registration of secret cases.

On the order of the court, Haleem Adil Sheikh appeared in the Sindh High Court.

Justice KK Agha while giving remarks said that how many cases are registered against Haleem Adil Sheikh?

The prosecutor argued that the number of cases against Haleem Adil Sheikh is not known, and time should be given to submit the reply.

FIA, NAB, Anti-Corruption also sought time to submit their reply.

The court expressed its anger on FIA, NAB and anti-corruption and said that if there are any cases registered or the inquiry is going on, then the answer should be submitted.

The Sindh High Court gave the last respite to the police, anti-corruption, FIA and NAB.

The Sindh High Court has sought answers from the provincial government, the federal government, NAB, FIA and others, while it has also directed the relevant officers of NAB, FIA and Anti-Corruption Establishment to appear.

The court also sought the details of the cases and inquiries registered against Haleem Adil and exempted Haleem Adil Shaikh from attending the next hearing.

The court has also ordered the parties to submit their written reply on December 22.

Speaking to the media outside the Sindh High Court, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that today the entire nation is looking towards the judiciary, 28 different cases have been filed against me.

Haleem Adil Shaikh said that there was a wedding at the house last week and the series of raids was also going on.

He said that the appeal has been made in the application to tell how many more cases there are against me, I hope for justice from the judiciary.


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