Misbehavior in Arifwala with Hasan Ali

Misbehavior in Arifwala with Hasan Ali

Pakistani fast bowler Hasan Ali had an altercation with the spectators during a match at Arifwala.

According to reports, Hasan Ali was hurled and abused by the fans while fielding on Sunday.

In the video, it can be seen that one of the fans criticizes Hasan Ali for dropping the catch in the crucial match of the World Cup last year and he gets angry.

In the video that surfaced on social media, it can be seen that Hasan Ali runs after a person in a very angry manner, but on this occasion the organizers and other people have to intervene to resolve the matter.

It should be noted that Hasan Ali has not been included in the Pakistan cricket team’s squad for the three-Test series against England.

Hasan Ali has taken only 5 wickets in his last 4 Test matches.


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