Manager Saeed Khan questioned coach Siegfried Aikman’s method

Manager Saeed Khan questioned coach Siegfried Aikman’s method

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In the South Africa hockey tournament, the national hockey team won the seventh position by defeating Canada by five goals against four.

The match was played in the eight-nation FIH hockey tournament in Pochstroom.

Earlier, the national hockey team won the bronze medal after 11 years in the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Speaking in Geo News’ program SCORE, Olympian Saeed Khan, the manager of the Pakistan Hockey Team, questioned the team’s strategy and coach Siegfried Aikman’s playing method.

He said that the demands of the game have changed with time, today the world is playing hockey in an aggressive style, but it is very surprising for us that coach Siegfried Ekman is in favor of defensive planning.

Manager Saeed Khan and his assistant manager Olympian Ayaz Mehmood do not agree on feeding the national team in this manner.

In this regard Saeed Khan says that we did not play well in the initial matches in South Africa but after that we could have made a comeback in the event but due to the defensive strategy we were not able to achieve the desired results.

He further said that in this regard, Secretary of Pakistan Hockey Federation Haider Hussain was informed about the reservations in the report after the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament.

PHF Secretary Haider Hussain was contacted regarding this and he expressed regret over the situation and said that this situation is sad for him as the secretary of Pakistan Hockey Federation.

He said that he had no idea that things could go this way.

Secretary PHF said that on his return from South Africa, he will discuss the matter with team coach Siegfried Ekman, manager Olympian Saeed Khan and assistant manager Olympian Ayaz Mehmood.

He added that if things remain the same, then he will have to choose between manager and coach.


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