Insult of ‘Quorme’ in Britain, Pakistan and India become one

Insult of ‘Quorme’ in Britain, Pakistan and India become one

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Some dishes from Pakistan and India are equally loved, including Chicken Korma. Perhaps that is why the people of both regions were outraged at his insult in Britain.

On December 3, British food network Tasty UK released a video of Korma making, after which Pakistan and India came on the same page over the insult of Korma, forgetting the fight.

Someone wrote on Twitter that only one dish united Pakistan and India.

One account wrote for the video that you guys should be sued for insulting our korma, it’s so painful.

Someone requested to delete this video while offering money.

A Pakistani got emotional and posted a picture of real quorme and said if your dish is quorme then it is fish and chips.

A person wrote on the video that the chicken has left the universe after watching this video.

Apart from this, hundreds of people have expressed their views on the video.


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