Haroon Shahid and Yasir Nawaz told the formula to stay fit

Haroon Shahid and Yasir Nawaz told the formula to stay fit

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Famous personalities of Pakistani film and TV industry, actor Haroon Shahid and actor, director and producer Yasir Nawaz have shared some useful tips on losing weight with their fans.

Last week, both the artistes appeared as guests on the morning show of a private TV show.

Meanwhile, both the artists said that on-screen weight is always shown while the actual artistes are not that much, yet the artistes keep trying to lose more weight to look good on TV.

Haroon Shahid said during the show that he has a problem that he looks very fat on TV but when his fans meet him they also say that you are quite smart and look fat on TV. Come on, that’s why they want to lose weight.

“In my opinion, the only way to lose weight is to eat little and not fill the stomach completely at one time,” he said.

On the other hand, Yasir Nawaz said during the show that he used to be very thin during his student days, his father did not allow him to wear pant shirts because he would look thinner in them.

He said that there was a time when he used to eat milk, milk jalebi and eggs etc. to gain weight, but his actual weight gain was due to exercise.

Yasir Nawaz said that exercising made his body move and increased his appetite, after which he started gaining weight.

Yasir Nawaz further said that now that he has left acting and turned to directing, he has stopped exercising, but he is once again trying to make himself fit by exercising because now he has TV. But to come back.


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