Brazil beat South Korea 1-4

Brazil beat South Korea 1-4

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In the Football World Cup, Brazil outclassed South Korea four to one and made it to the quarter-finals.

In the match played at the Nine Seven Four Stadium in Doha, the Brazilian team dominated South Korea from the start, their scoring streak that started in the seventh minute continued intermittently in the first half.

The first goal was scored by Winches Jr. on a pass from Neymar, the second goal was scored by Neymar on a penalty kick in the thirteenth minute, in the 29th minute, Richarlison scored the ball into South Korea’s net, while in the 36th minute, Lucas Puccita scored the ball into the opponent’s net. Showed the way.

Brazil had a 4-0 lead at the break. In the second half, Brazilian players attacked South Korea’s goal, but they did not succeed. However, South Korea scored a goal, which was scored by their player, Paek Seung-ho, in the 76th minute. .

With neither team able to score in the remaining time, Brazil won the match 4-1 to advance to the quarter-finals where they will face Croatia.


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