Tanzania: 19 people were killed when a passenger plane crashed into a lake

Tanzania: 19 people were killed when a passenger plane crashed into a lake

Photo: Social Media

At least 19 people have been confirmed dead while 26 passengers have been rescued after a passenger plane crashed into a lake during landing in Tanzania.

According to the authorities, the ATR-42-500 aircraft with registration 5H-PWF for domestic flight of Tanzanian private airline Precision Air was on approach for landing at Bukoba Airport in Tanzania due to heavy rain and severe weather. Not leveled and fell into the famous Lake Victoria.

The plane was about 100 meters in the air at the time of the crash, so it encountered problems and bad weather.

Officials said it was raining and most of the plane was submerged after the crash.

Images circulating on social media showed an engine and a tail section of the plane.

According to the authorities, fishermen and other rescue workers on a fishing board in the lake started immediate rescue work, as a result of which 26 passengers were taken out of the submerged ship and transferred to the hospital, during which the bodies of 3 people were recovered. Gone.

Officials said that flight PW-494 had arrived in Bukoba from Dar es Salaam.

According to local authorities, the pilots of the plane were in contact with the local authorities on board.

The crashed plane was 12 years old and had taken its maiden flight in August 2010.

After about 8 hours of ongoing operations after the accident, authorities confirmed the death of 19 passengers and crew members.


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