The investigation into the theft of gold worth 2 crores in the flight from Dubai to Karachi continues

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The relevant institutions have been working together on the theft of gold worth 2 crore rupees during the flight of a foreign airline from Dubai to Karachi, but despite efforts, no trace of the incident could be found.

According to the sources, Fly Dubai flight FZ 335 from Dubai reached Karachi at 4 pm on September 4, when passenger Muhammad Monis pointed out that 1542 grams of gold was stolen from the baggage kept in the overhead compartment of the plane and the airline informed about the incident. Informed the staff immediately.

The flight crew kept the doors of the plane closed and immediately informed the security authorities of Karachi Airport about the incident.

The Airport Security Force staff conducted 100% scanning of all the passengers and their luggage at the Jinnah Terminal, but no gold was recovered.

According to officials, Pakistan Customs staff conducted a thorough search of the ship and its crew, but could not find any trace of gold.

According to Pakistan Customs sources, half of the value of jewelery legally exported by Nurtan Jewelers from Karachi was being brought back in the form of gold, which was reported to the customs authorities in advance.

According to the airport police, the incident has been reported, but the incident that took place in the air did not take place within the limits of the airport police station.

According to the Customs officials, the gold was declared by the passenger at the Dubai Airport, the documents of which are also with the passenger.

Pakistani customs authorities have suspected that the mysterious ‘imports’ may have taken place at the time of departure from Dubai Airport, however investigations are being carried out by relevant agencies.

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