Red Line Bus Project, cut down trees transplanted in Ilha Deen Park, Manager Trans Karachi

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A large number of trees were cut in front of NED University for the Red Line bus project in Karachi, the project management has claimed to plant the trees elsewhere.

In front of NED University, a large number of trees are being felled for the Red Line project.

Manager Trans Karachi Mehwish Zahra has given his stand on this matter and said that 26 trees of local species have been transplanted in the Ilha Deen Park out of the trees cut for the Red Line project.

He said that 50 thousand native trees will be replanted in the project.

Mehwish Zahra said that 7 thousand 782 trees are coming from Malir Halt to the exhibition in the way of the project, 114 trees on the roadside will be cut.

GM Planning Infrastructure Trans Karachi Dr. Syed Murtaza Bukhari said that the red line project is 27 km long.

Dr. Syed Murtaza Bukhari claimed that 85% of the more than 7,000 trees are of conocarpus and for every tree, 5 trees will be planted.

He said that under this project, 50 thousand trees will be planted, the trees will be planted along the corridor and no tree will be less than 5 feet.

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