Maniza Hashmi book launch event held in Brussels

Maniza Hashmi’s book ‘Conversation with my father’ was launched in Brussels under the auspices of the Pakistani Embassy and the European Literary Circle. The writer is the daughter of progressive poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

The event was attended by a large number of European and Pakistani diaspora including the former Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan Andrula Kaminara.

On this occasion, Secretary General of European Literary Circle and President of Pakistan Press Club Belgium, Imran Saqib, introduced Faiz Ahmed Faiz to the participants of the event, while former editor of a well-known local magazine G. Goris and Dr. Ali Shirazi presented their analysis on the book.

Pakistani students studying in universities in Brussels presented Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s famous Urdu poems and their English translations. Miss Nurul Hadi, Jafar Mehdi and Maria Akram also participated in the opening ceremony.

Maniza Hashmi book launch event held in Brussels

G. Goris, while presenting the analysis, said that when the poet resisted himself in the dark moments of history and incited others to resist through his poetry, he was actually talking about the protection of the conscious, political and social rights of future generations. has been In this sense, Faiz Ahmed Faiz was not only Maniza Hashmi’s father, but in the language of culture, he was the father of the nation. His poetry is and will always be a living poetry.

During the event, a question and answer session was held with Muneeza Hashmi, which was hosted by renowned poet Shiraz Raj

In response to a question, the author said that much has been written about Faiz Ahmad Faiz in Pakistan as a poet, human rights activist, and as a person seeking balance between human rights, but as a father and a Resisting the person as the head of the family there was nothing much.

He said that I have tried to highlight the role of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in this book.

He said that our mother Alice Faiz was of British origin, so our mother tongue was English, but my father always drew us to the importance of Urdu language. That is why all the letters of Faiz Ahmad Faiz written to the author are in Urdu language.

Maniza Hashmi book launch event held in Brussels

He paid tribute to his mother in wonderful words on this occasion. He said that Alice Faiz was the woman who stood behind him like a rock and took care of the family in the absence of a father.

In response to another question, he said that there are different layers of language in his poetry, but since his poetry was for the common man, it has both simplicity and literature.

He also shed light on the religious thoughts and ideas of his father and said that Faiz used to say that his religion is the religion of Rumi, while the renowned intellectual Ashfaq Ahmed Sahib has called Faiz a reprehensible Sufi.

He also expressed happiness that due to Faiz Sahib’s efforts, cultural institutions like Pakistan National Council of Arts and Folk Heritage came to the fore. who created a sense of unity, despite being different through the culture of Pakistan. Because culture is the chain that binds us together.

Meneza Hashmi, referring to various incidents that happened with her, expressed her satisfaction that Faiz Sahib became the identity of Pakistan due to his literary role in other countries, and his identity became our identity.

At the end of the ceremony, Pakistani Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan thanked all the guests for their arrival and paid tribute to the writer for her contribution to the literary and other roles of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. From, presented as a human character in practical life.

He also expressed his concern that there is not much familiarity with Urdu in the universities of Europe and especially the European capital of Brussels, while in Japan, an Urdu chair was established in a local university in 1910.

At the end of the ceremony, the author presented her book as a gift to the Ambassador of Pakistan.

It should be noted that this event was organized under the auspices of the Embassy of Pakistan as part of the celebrations of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day.

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