Love at first sight is just a myth, research

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A minimum of about two minutes of conversation is necessary to arouse romantic feelings for a person, while only four minutes of conversation leaves a good impression on others and also provides an opportunity to get to know people.

A recent study by British researchers revealed that just having a short four-minute conversation with someone on a daily basis can help you get to know them.

Researchers say that people quickly form an impression of others by making assumptions about them.

For this study, the researchers interviewed a variety of different people online, observing that different people’s temperaments differed greatly, whether they were shy or eager to talk and socialize.

Love at first sight is just a myth, researchers say, as research has shown that it takes at least two minutes of conversation for a person to develop romantic feelings.

Previous studies have shown that people are quick to make assumptions about different personalities when they meet and interact with them in person, but actually know very little about them.

During the study, 168 participants took part, and after a four-minute conversation with each other, they wrote down their impressions of each other’s personality.

They were then instructed to play a strategic game with the person.

They were also asked to play strategy games with 170 other participants they had never interacted with before for comparison purposes.

The results of the study showed that individuals who had interacted with each other prior to the games formed an impression that influenced their game strategy.

During a game, participants engaged in cooperative behavior with individuals who were fond of one-on-one conversation and social interactions.

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