Don’t worry, the final will be between Pakistan and India, Rohit Sharma hopes

Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma is hopeful to compete against Pakistan in the final even after the Super Four stage against Sri Lanka.

After Pakistan in the Asia Cup Super 4 stage in Dubai, India has also faced defeat from Sri Lanka.

In the press conference after the match, Indian captain Rohit Sharma said in response to a question that “Don’t worry, there will be a final between Pakistan and India.”

He further said that if you lose a match, it looks bad, but despite the defeat, the atmosphere in the dressing room is good.

The Indian captain also said that our players have talent, we don’t look at social media.

He said that Arshad Singh was a little sad after taking the catch against Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the journalist asked Rohit Sharma a question about the final of the Asia Cup, and the Indian captain replied that there will be a final between Pakistan and India, don’t worry.

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