Chairman NAB instructed not to harass Tayyaba Gul, family

Tayyaba Gul – Photo: File

Chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Noor Alam Khan directed Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) not to harass Tayyaba Gul and her family.

A PAC meeting was held under the chairmanship of Noor Alam Khan, in which various issues were discussed, while Chairman NAB also appeared in the meeting.

During the meeting, Chairman PAC Noor Alam Khan instructed Chairman NAB not to harass Tayyaba Gul and her family.

On this occasion, he said that after the completion of the inquiry, if Tayyaba Gul’s allegations are proved false, the case will go to court.

During the meeting, the helicopter case of former Prime Minister Imran Khan was also discussed.

In this regard, Chairman NAB said that a letter will be written to the Election Commission for payments from Imran Khan in the helicopter case.

On this, the Public Accounts Committee summoned the Secretary Election Commission.

During the meeting, committee member Nuzhat Pathan said that Imran Khan owes 7 crores in the helicopter case.

He also said that papers are not accepted in the election if someone owes a thousand rupees. Imran Khan is participating in the elections this time as well.

Chairman NAB said that a list of 1800 defaulters has been prepared in the helicopter case, the list of all defaulters will be sent to all institutions including the Election Commission.

The Public Accounts Committee sought the list of all defaulters in the helicopter case.

In this regard, Noor Alam Khan said that currently elections are being held in the country, defaulters will be forced to pay.

He directed that NAB immediately write a letter to Election Commission with the list of all the people.

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