Why is a winter gift called ‘canoe’ superfood?

The best breeds of malts and canoes in the world are found in Pakistan

Cannabis, fruit and malt, which are readily available in winter, are considered a treasure trove of health by medical experts. There is also status.

The world’s best breeds of malts and canoes are found in Pakistan, this fruit is mostly found in the province of Punjab, Pakistan has several varieties of this fruit such as orange, canola, fruit and malt are available.

Nutritionists emphasize the use of this seasonal fruit because of its numerous health benefits.

According to nutritionists, malt is beneficial for collective health, its use improves the digestive system, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and aging process slows down, it is rich in vitamin C. It also causes a decrease in phlegm and cough.

Vitamin C in this fruit strengthens the body’s immune system which in turn helps in resisting seasonal diseases or infections etc. Canoe use also reduces the free radicals that cause cancer Is.

According to medical experts, cannabis and malt, despite being sour, are also useful for seasonal illnesses such as colds, flu, chills and coughs.

Experts suggest that malt and cane should always be used as a food, as a one-time meal, as it is a completely nutritious fruit, so its use may result in other minerals or Vitamins are no longer needed.

The use of malt is very useful to prevent indigestion in winter season, experts say that people with weak stomach should consume this fruit regularly and take advantage of this seasonal fruit, at breakfast (empty). Stomach) There are many benefits to using it.

According to fitness experts and nutritionists, the use of cannabis is the best option for people with frail body. And size has a positive effect.

Nutritionists suggest that canoes are extremely beneficial for a radiant complexion, rejuvenation and better health of hair, skin and nails. Helps to maintain balance which improves the health of hair and skin.

According to nutritionists, this fruit is also a super food for pregnant women. Folic acid deficiency leads to weight loss in children. Malt vitamins B and folic acid are beneficial during pregnancy. Canoe use improves the health of babies and saves a mother’s pregnancy.


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