Economic Stability: The government and the opposition should join hands

Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen, like the former finance ministers from IMF and World Bank, has given good news to the people that money budget will not increase inflation and poor people have not been burdened. The first gift of the new year was that the prices of petrol and diesel have been increased even though the world oil prices have come down.

The slight reduction in electricity and LPG prices by the government was taken out by raising petrol and diesel prices. Political parties rely less on the people and more on the establishment to come to power and proudly say this. The next government will be ours, especially the PML-N leaders are proudly announcing that a deal has been struck with our Establishment and the House is changing and the Prime Minister is in the federation. Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz will be and Mian Nawaz Sharif is also returning in January under this deal. He will stay in jail for one month and then his case will be over and he will become the Prime Minister for the fourth time.

All these rumors are nonsense. No one is dealing with the Establishment. All these rumors. The Establishment has decided to keep itself completely separate from politics Are In fact, the deal with the Establishment is to keep its MPs, party functionaries and workers united and to intimidate the bureaucracy not to go too far against us. We are coming to power. He will have to be released. Until he is convinced, his sentence will be commuted. His chances of coming to Pakistan are slim. Is possible

On the other hand, the PPP has made it clear that it is not ready for any in-house change, nor is it in favor of dissolving the assemblies, nor will it resign from the assemblies, because with the change of these houses, the PML-N will get everything. If the PML-N comes to power in the center and Punjab, then the PPP will be wiped out in Punjab, while Asif Ali Zardari is trying his best to establish and manipulate Bilawal Bhutto in Punjab. Fortunately, his government is falling apart. Maulana Fazlur Rehman has also taken a U-turn. He is also not insisting on elections.

The PPP had started protesting against inflation but it could not mobilize the people except its workers. The other thing is that the opposition parties claim that the economic condition of the country is catastrophic. They will control it, they will give jobs to the people, they will not seek help from IMF, that is why people are not coming to the streets despite the fact that they are suffering from high prices. If due to the mistakes of Imran government, inflation cannot be controlled, then why should we kill for them and go to jails? Don’t think that people are not coming out in love with them. People are also disappointed with the opposition. It should also be admitted that the youth are also using Prime Minister Imran Khan’s loan schemes and Ehsas program and now the health card scheme is starting in Punjab. For which Rs. 400 billion has been allocated.

When the health card reaches door to door, it will have positive results even though health cards have been distributed in KPK and poor people are making full use of it. And there are MPs who gave tickets to their loved ones or received money for tickets, which benefited the Maulana Fazlur Rehman group. He should have taken notice of the incompetence of his party officials and the wrong distribution of tickets. In fact, Prime Minister Imran Khan did not pay any attention to the organizations of his party after coming to power. If I had ward committees, I would keep in touch with the people.

The situation would have been different if the party functionaries and workers had been given importance in the Ehsas program to take loans from the common people under loan schemes. This situation happened to the PPP due to not giving importance to the party workers and the abolition of the Jaila system. It is trying but it is not yet the case that the party which gave importance to the moneyed crop quails and ignored its workers should be in this situation, whether it is PPP, PML-N or PTI, Prime Minister Imran. Khan will have to be reminded of this. How many cabinet ministers go to the party secretariat and listen to the problems of the people and solve them.

Apart from inflation, people have numerous problems. Prime Minister Imran Khan should start a series of meetings with party workers. The KPK should also be prepared for a catastrophic defeat in Punjab. It remains to be seen what the implications of the change in the party’s provincial presidents and secretary general will be, especially how Punjab president Shafqat Mehmood and central secretary general Asad Umar mobilize the party. Are


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