This time the enemy has attacked from insiders, Asif Zardari

This time the enemy has attacked from insiders, Asif Zardari

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Former President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Since 1947, we and the institutions have fought the enemy together and will continue to do so, this time the enemy has attacked from within.

In a statement He said that while criticizing Imran Khan, he has said that a person is crossing every line to create chaos in the country.

Asif Ali Zardari says that this person is neither concerned about the integrity of the country nor the institutions of the country, the survival of the country depends on the survival of the institutions.

He said that this person sees nothing but power and power, we will not tolerate any attack on institutions.

They also say that we can never forget the sacrifices and martyrdoms of our Pakistan Army, we will also foil this enemy’s plot.

It should be noted that while talking in Lahore yesterday, Imran Khan had said that I will tell the details of the attack later, these people had planned to kill me in Wazirabad or Gujarat.

Imran Khan said that 4 people decided to kill me in a closed room, I have made a video in which I have told who are those people? People said that a plan has been made to kill me.


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