Opposition to giving 5 awards to employees in the National Assembly

In the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the opposition to the announcement of giving 5 honors to the employees came to light.

During the budget session, a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly was held under the chairmanship of Afzal Khokhar on the issue of the government’s promise to give 5 honors to the employees, in which the announcement of 5 honors by the Ministry of Information was opposed.

The Provincial Irrigation Officer (PIO) suggested that there is a flood emergency, the gratuity should be postponed, at least I will not take my gratuity during the flood emergency.

The Chairman Standing Committee said that these honors were given before the flood, in response, the Information Secretary said that if the Ministry of Finance announces the honors, then they should also give money.

Secretary Information said that this year the Ministry of Finance has cut 67 million rupees from the Ministry of Information, we should give these 5 honors or cover our expenses.

CDA, Islamabad Police has also assured payment of gratuity to its employees.

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