Businesses will not let the government run if rights are not given, Mustafa Kamal


Mustafa Kamal – Photo courtesy of MQM Pakistan – Twitter

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan Senior Deputy Convener Mustafa Kamal has said that we are rightists, we will not let the business of the country continue.

Addressing the workers’ convention in Karachi, Mustafa Kamal said that the water of the people of Karachi is being stolen and sold by the tanker mafia.

He said that the illegal hydrants belong to MNAs and MPs, if the citizens do not get their rights, they will not allow the business of the government to run here.

MQM Deputy Convener further said that more than two and a half lakh jobs were given, not one job was given to those from Karachi and Hyderabad.

He said that the quota was set 40 years ago, jobs are not being found even on this, People’s Party is giving jobs by creating fake domicile.

Mustafa Kamal also said that the census was conducted across the country but half of the population of Karachi was counted less, where our voter lives, a UC was formed with a large population.

He said that robbers and the presiding officer are stopping together in the election, 9 seats are ours, we will show it by winning.

Deputy convener of MQM said that they will not cry for the right, they will use the authority given by the law.

He said that participate in the sit-in with families, the rights of future generations are an issue, each person brought 10 people to the sit-in.

Mustafa Kamal said that the census registration is starting from March 1, the people of Karachi should get themselves registered.

He said that Narendra Modi usurped Kashmir, Imran Khan started protesting on his streets, Kashmir cannot be freed by stopping traffic.

Deputy Convener of MQM said that India tried to take revenge of Kashmir from Karachi but the people of Karachi failed this plan.


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