Mehsa Amini’s death in Iran: Schoolgirls also protest

Mehsa Amini’s death in Iran: Schoolgirls also protest

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Demonstrations continue in Iran against the death of a girl in police custody.

According to the British media from Tehran, after university students, school girls have also joined the protests.

In the capital Tehran, Shiraz and Karaj, schoolgirls protested by waving scarves in the air.

British media say that protesting schoolgirls in Tehran and Shiraz blocked traffic on the road.

Meanwhile, according to the news agency, protests against the death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini have been going on in Iran for 18 days. Mehsa Amini was detained on September 13 for violating the headscarf ban law.

According to the news agency, Mahsa Amini died of a heart attack in police custody on September 16.

The news agency has reported with reference to the human rights group that 133 people have been killed so far in the crackdown against the protesters.

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