America: A 6-year-old child ordered a meal worth 1000 dollars from his father’s phone


A 6-year-old boy in the US state of Michigan ordered a $1,000 meal online from his father’s phone.

A citizen named Keith Stonehouse said that at night, delivery service people kept delivering food to his house in Detroit.

Shahri said that I had given the phone to my son Mason to play games but he ordered food from different restaurants through the online app.

Keith said that the son not only ordered the food but also paid a 25 percent tip on each order.

The child’s mother, Christine Stonehouse, said that when the online app realized that the $1,000 meal had been ordered by mistake, she contacted us and gave us a $1,000 gift card.

The company is also considering using the family in an online promotional campaign.

Mason Mian, 6, ordered jumbo shrimp, assorted salads, shawarma, chicken pita sandwiches, cheesy potato chips and other foods.

My son ordered food online from so many places that the bank sent me a fraud alert and automatically canceled a $439 order at a pizza restaurant, Keith said.

They said that we kept some food in the fridge and invited the neighbors with the remaining food.


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