What did Shakibul Hasan talk to the umpire in the presence of the Indian captain?

What did Shakibul Hasan talk to the umpire in the presence of the Indian captain?

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Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan told about the conversation with the umpire in the presence of the Indian captain during the match stopped due to rain.

In the press conference after the match, Shakib Al Hasan was asked by the journalist, “Did you really not try to play after the rain?”, to which he said, “Did we have any option?”

The journalist asked the Bangladeshi captain if he tried to explain it to him. To which Shakib Al Hasan replied, ‘To convince whom’. The journalist said ‘To Rohit Sharma and the umpires’, to which the Bangladeshi captain replied, ‘Do I have the ability to convince the umpire?’

Meanwhile, the journalist asked a strange question that you were discussing the rivers of Bangladesh with the umpire.

Shakib-ul-Hasan did not understand this matter of the journalist at all and he continued to express his surprise, after which the journalist said that what were you talking about in the ground.

Shakibul Hasan told the journalist that the umpire called the captains of both the teams and told them about the target, overs and rules.

The journalist further asked Shakib-ul-Hasan that he accepted all the things, to which the captain replied, ‘Yes’.

It should be noted that Bangladesh started aggressively chasing the target of 185 runs by India yesterday, but the match was stopped due to rain, due to which the overs and target were changed.

In this important match of T20 World Cup Super 12 stage, India defeated Bangladesh by 5 runs after an interesting match.


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