Twitter employee fell asleep in the office after 24 hours of work

Twitter employee fell asleep in the office after 24 hours of work

Photo courtesy of Twitter

After Elon Musk extended Twitter’s office hours to meet tight deadlines, most employees stayed in the office.

A social media user named ‘Evan’, who works at micro-blogging site Twitter, shared a photo on Twitter of him sleeping on the floor of his manager’s office, which went viral.

In this photo, Twitter’s director of product management, Esther Crawford, can be seen sleeping in a sleeping bag with an eye mask behind a table and chairs.

‘When you need something from your boss on Elon’s Twitter,’ Evan wrote in the caption of the photo which went viral.

When the picture went viral, Esther Crawford, director of product management at Twitter, retweeted the above tweet and wrote that ‘When your team is under pressure around the clock to meet deadlines, sometimes you are in the office. go to sleep Also they used the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork.

Esther Crawford’s retweet caused an uproar among social media users and most of the users criticized Twitter’s new initiatives.

After which Esther Crawford further tweeted and explained that ‘As consumers are getting agitated, it is important to explain that hard work requires sacrifice (time, energy, etc.).

“At Twitter, he has team members working with him from around the world at different times, and it’s important for him to stay in touch with them all the time,” he said.

“We are all part of a team and we all absolutely love working at Twitter, which is why we all use the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWork,” he wrote. The tweet used the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork.

He also said that he is lucky and has a lot of love for his team and his family who understand the importance of work.


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