The return of Netanyahu will be challenging for America, Israel, Iran

The return of Netanyahu will be challenging for America, Israel, Iran

Iran says that Netanyahu’s return to Israel will be challenging for both the US and Israel.

On the news of former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s return to power in Israel, Hossein Talib, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, said that Netanyahu’s return to power will cause a new challenge for the United States.

He said that Netanyahu’s return will weaken the government of the Democrats in America.

He further said that Netanyahu’s return will be the beginning of a new challenge for both America and Israel.

On the other hand, Palestinian officials say that there is a risk of increasing tensions with Netanyahu’s possible coalition coming to power.

According to the Palestinian authorities, the anti-Palestinian attitude will increase in the right-wing coalition government in Israel, and the occupation measures of the Palestinian territories will become more severe in the right-wing coalition government.

The Hamas spokesman said in a statement that the election results show that Israelis are moving towards more extremism.

The spokesman said that aggression against our people will increase in the expected government of Netanyahu, many wars were fought against Palestinians in his previous governments.


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