The thief entered the house to take a bath


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In the US state of Washington, it was not the theft of a burglar who broke into a house, but the reason for it that became a source of news and surprise.

According to foreign media, the woman saw on her return home that an unknown person entered her house by breaking the window, after which she reported to the police.

According to the police, when the officials reached the house, the thief was asked to come out of the house.

The police said that during the search of the house, the thief was found resting after taking a bath in the bathroom.

In this regard, the police said in their statement that the thief’s clothes were wet and the bathtub was also full of water.

The police issued a statement regarding this action and said that the 27-year-old thief did not tell the police anything about his action and his identity is not being revealed yet.

According to foreign media, the unknown thief has been detained.


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