Nepra’s 10-year affordable power generation plan continues


NEPRA has released a ten-year plan IG SAP on affordable power generation, the plan will be submitted to the Council of Common Interests for final approval.

Minimizing dependence on imported fuel, new power plants will be built on local cheapest sources through competitive bidding.

Under the ten-year plan, the maximum electricity demand has been estimated at 44,668 MW.

A ten-year plan for cheap power generation was submitted by IG-Sep NTDC to Nepra, on this plan investors raised serious concerns that they were not consulted in the preparation of the plan, after which Nepra held a hearing and Gave full opportunity to all investors.

Now the authority has issued a decision on this plan, the duration of IG SAP will be till 2031.

Power generation to be shifted from imported fuel to local sources Nepra says that electricity from local sources will help in overcoming the revolving debt.

Electricity production from solar and wind other local fuels including water will be given priority

Under the plan, 22 thousand 180 MW of electricity will be generated, 13 thousand 161 MW of water, while the rest will be obtained from solar wind and other cheap sources.

The maximum power demand in the ten-year plan is estimated at 44,668 MW, based on 5.42% GDP growth.

The maximum power demand is estimated at 41,338 MW based on a normal GDP of 4.30% and the maximum power demand is estimated at 38,744 MW based on achieving 3.4% GDP growth.

Under the plan, expensing plants will be decommissioned and become cheaper.


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