Have your cake and eat it and feed it too


Photo courtesy of Instagram

The series of making new experiments in cake making could not stop.

You must have seen and eaten cakes of many shapes, materials and flavors all over the world, but now a new cake has been made that has surprised people after seeing it.

In Switzerland, this cake was worn, cut and eaten.

According to foreign media, it has been claimed that this cake weighing 131.15 kg is the world’s largest wearable cake.

According to reports, Swiss baker Natasha Cullen surprised everyone by making a cake that can be worn as a bridal dress.

According to foreign media, this cake has been named the world’s largest wearable cake with a weight of 131.15 kg.

This dress-like cake was also cut and served to guests at the Swiss World Wedding Fair.

According to reports, Natasha owns a bakery called ‘Sweetie Cakes’ where she bakes cakes according to customer’s instructions and she made this cake to set a Guinness World Record.

The video of this cake has also been shared on the social media account of Guinness World Records.


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