A parrot attacks a person in the park, the owner is jailed and fined


The parrot’s owner has been sentenced to two months in prison and fined US$91,350 after a parrot attacked and seriously injured a man jogging in a park in Taiwan.

It is said that this strange incident happened in Tainan, Taiwan, where a man named Huang took his two pet macaws (large parrots) to a park where people come to exercise.

Meanwhile, one of Huang’s parrots flew onto the back of a jogging man and flapped its wings, viciously attacked him and started beating him.

Meanwhile, the man panicked and fell down, as a result of which he fractured his hip bone and had to be hospitalized for a long time.

The man later sued the parrot’s owner for damages.

During the trial in the District Court, he informed the court that he was under treatment in the hospital for a week while he was unable to do any work for more than six months.

Due to which he had to bear a lot of financial loss. On which the court sentenced the owner of the parrot to pay damages and imprisonment.


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