Tribute to Michelle Obama’s daughter White

Tribute to Michelle Obama’s daughter White

Former US President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama has also paid tribute to the famous American comedian Betty White.

Following the news of the 99-year-old death of Betty White, the host of the American TV talk show “Golden Girl” who ruled the television screens for six decades, a series of condolence messages from celebrities continue on social media. ۔

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has shared a memorable photo of comedian Betty White with her pet dog ‘Bo’ on the photowind video sharing app Instagram.

“Betty White overcame all obstacles, worked against expectations, served her country, and made us all laugh,” she said.

Michelle Obama praised Betty White, adding that “she was an animal lover and social worker, and Bo (Betty White’s pet dog) loved spending time with her.”

He added that “there was no one like him, Barack and he (Michelle) are among the many who will remember the joy that Betty White brought to the world.”

In her post, Michelle Obama also expressed her desire to see Betty White’s forgiveness and reunion after her death.

It is to be noted that the famous comedian Betty White, famous for her Golden Girl actress, passed away a few days before her 100th birthday. She was about to complete a century of her life on January 17.

He started his career in 1939 and also hosted several shows.


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