Karachi: Removal of encroachments on Tariq Road completed, park restored

All the structures were demolished in a two-night operation on Tariq Road in Karachi on a court order.

According to police, illegally established clubs, madrassas and 10 shops in the park were demolished, residences in the park were also demolished after which the institutions withdrew.

According to DMC East, encroachments have been removed from the park and debris has also been cleared. A heavy contingent of police and Rangers was deployed during the operation. Assistant Commissioner Ferozabad and ASP Usman were also present on the occasion.

Park restored on Tariq Road in Karachi

According to SHO Ferozabad Khushnood Javed, the operation which was going on all night was completed at 3 o’clock.

Scenes after the operation against encroachments on Tariq Road
Scenes after the operation against encroachments on Tariq Road

According to police, the Madina Mosque is still standing on the Tariq Road side of the park. Talks have been held between the district administration and the mosque administration in this regard. The matter will also go to the high court. Restoration work on this part of the park is currently halted due to security concerns.


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