Yawar Iqbal’s Bushra Bibi’s ‘Get Up’ on Halloween, Mathera reacts

Yawar Iqbal’s Bushra Bibi’s ‘Get Up’ on Halloween, Mathera reacts

Collage courtesy of Social Media

Pakistani host Mathira has expressed anger over actor Yawar Iqbal’s Halloween get-up.

It should be noted that Halloween is a traditional festival of the British, every year on October 31, people around the world who celebrate it go out on the streets by adopting scary get-ups, while regular events are also held for this day. Is.

This day is celebrated in almost every country, this year it was celebrated for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani showbiz stars also celebrated Halloween very well. Actor Yawar Iqbal was seen in the get-up of Chairman PTI Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi.

The get-up was not skimpy, but full, head-to-toe veiling.

Actor Yavar has faced severe criticism for using the curtain as a scary get-up.


Actress Mathira has also expressed her opinion in this regard.

Mathira said on her Instagram story that no one should make fun of the curtain, we all should know the fine line between making fun and hurting, it’s not right.


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