Sindh: Parvez Ahmed Baloch appointed Special Secretary School Education

Sindh: Parvez Ahmed Baloch appointed Special Secretary School Education

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Sindh Education Department has appointed Parvez Ahmed Baloch as Special Secretary School Education and Abdul Aleem Lashari as Secretary College Education.

Sindh Textbook Board Chairman Pervez Ahmed Baloch has been relieved of his post and appointed as Special Secretary School Education.

Whereas, after Secretary Khalid Haider left for training, Abdul Aleem Lashari, Special Secretary of 20 Grade College Education, has been given the charge of Secretary College Education.

It should be remembered that Khalid Haider has been posted in the Education Department for a long time, the federal government transferred him and sent him to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but he did not go, on which he received a show cause notice, but then the government changed and the matter was terminated.

Adhar Education Department Sindh Textbook Board Secretary Hafeezullah has not yet been removed from his post.

Hafeezullah is basically a Stunt Professor of College Education and is appointed to this important administrative position.

While the appointment of the secretary of the Sindh Textbook Board has also been challenged in the Sindh High Court Hyderabad Circuit Bench.


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