PTI activist left this world with the regret of meeting Imran Khan

PTI activist left this world with the regret of meeting Imran Khan

A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker who left the world with the regret of meeting Imran Khan, fell from a moving truck on Friday and died.

An activist named Hasan Baloch riding a PTI bannered truck was on his way to participate in the long march when he suddenly fell down after hitting the branches of a tree and got seriously injured.

Hassan Baloch was rushed to Services Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries yesterday.

The house of the deceased is a camp of poverty, the daughter and the widow have appealed to Imran Khan for help.

49-year-old Hasan Baloch was a resident of Sutra Mandi inside Lohari Gate who has been cremated.

In the six-day long march, three people, including female reporter Sadaf Naeem, have died in various accidents so far.

A motorcyclist was killed after being hit by a PTI container coming from the wrong direction in Gujranwala.

The youth’s relatives protested in front of Imran Khan’s container, where he had a bitter exchange with PTI workers.

The police arrested the container driver who was driving on the wrong side.

The motorcyclist’s mother demanded that those responsible be punished.


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