Pakistan’s access to the semi-finals is still possible, but how?

Pakistan’s access to the semi-finals is still possible, but how?

Photo courtesy of PCB/Twitter

India’s win against Bangladesh in the ICCT Twenty20 World Cup 2022 has made Pakistan’s chances of reaching the top four even more difficult. An upset defeat would be required.

India has won 3 out of 4 matches in Group Two of the ongoing T20 World Cup in Australia and got 6 points while South Africa has 5 points in three matches.

Pakistan team has managed to get only 2 points in three matches.

Pakistan team will play their next match against South Africa in Sydney on Thursday and if Pakistan wins this match, it will have 4 points in four matches while South Africa will have five points and India will have six points.

The last matches of the group will be held on Sunday, in which the South African team will face the Netherlands, the Indian team will face Zimbabwe and the Pakistan team will face Bangladesh.

If we look at the ability of the teams, the last matches for India and South Africa are easy and if there is no unexpected result, India will have 8 points and South Africa will have 7 points.

In such a case, even if Pakistan wins against Bangladesh, it will not be able to reach the next round because its number of points will remain only 6.

In this situation, it is important for Pakistan to have an upset defeat against India or South Africa in the last match, but before that, the most important thing is that Pakistan should win both their matches.

A situation for Pakistan may also arise that the match between South Africa and the Netherlands will be a washout, in which case South Africa’s points will remain only 6.

However, his net run rate of 2.722+ is much better than Pakistan’s current 0.765+.

The match between Pakistan and Bangladesh is to be followed by the match between South Africa and the Netherlands, which will give Pakistan an idea of ​​its net run rate target.

Well, according to the Department of Meteorology, the weather is clear in Adelaide on Sunday, which means there is no chance of rain at the moment and the full match will be played.

It should be noted that to continue the streak till the last matches, it is necessary that Pakistan win their match against South Africa on Thursday, in case of defeat to South Africa, the national team will be out of the race for the semi-finals in the event.


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