Modi’s arrival at the hospital, the administration made a mistake in haste

Modi’s arrival at the hospital, the administration made a mistake in haste

Photo courtesy of Social Media

The staff of India’s Morbi Civil Hospital made a hasty mistake before the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was exposed by the local media and citizens.

According to Indian media, Narendra Modi met the victims of the bridge accident who are being treated in the hospital.

According to reports, before the arrival of the Prime Minister, the hospital staff spent the night cleaning the hospital, the pictures of which were also viral on social media, but the administration made a mistake in haste.

According to Indian media, 4 water coolers were installed overnight in the government hospital, but there was no water in any of them because they were not connected.

Indian media has claimed that the hospital management installed water connection in the cooler after identifying them.

According to reports, a woman accompanying the patient at the hospital said that it was all a pretence, that the water cooler was not here before.

Another woman said that the hospital also lacks basic facilities, the administration people came here because the prime minister was likely to visit.

It should be noted that 135 people, including 47 children engaged in religious rituals, died in the bridge accident in India on Sunday, while more than 100 were injured, who are being treated at Morbi Seoul Hospital.


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