Kamal Rashid Khan took to Twitter on his statements about ‘Khans’

Kamal Rashid Khan took to Twitter on his statements about ‘Khans’

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Indian actor-producer, writer and self-proclaimed critic Kamal Rashid Khan took to Twitter for his statements about Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Ever since the announcement of Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the screen with ‘Pathan’, Kamal Rashid Khan aka KR has been constantly criticizing the film.

However, now Kamal Rashid Khan has apologized to Shah Rukh Khan for his inappropriate behavior on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

He wrote in his tweet that ‘Shah Rukh Bhaijaan, I am very sorry if I have hurt you in any way’.

He further wrote that ‘Now the film Pathan has my full support!’.

Similarly, Kamal Rashid Khan has also extended his hand of friendship towards Salman Khan.

After the recent brief arrest of Kamal Rashid Khan in Mumbai, the legal battle with Salman Khan started.

But now Kamal Rashid Khan says that Salman Khan’s hand is not behind his arrest, he was wrong in this regard.

Reacting to this tweet by the Indian actor, a Twitter user wrote, ‘Why are you so afraid of Sallu Bhai’?

Kamal Rashid Khan responded to this Twitter user’s reaction and wrote, “If I come to know that someone else has walked on Salman Khan’s shoulder, then it becomes my duty to admit my mistake.”

He further wrote that ‘admitting a mistake does not mean being afraid’.


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