Imran Khan raised 6 questions in Long March

Imran Khan raised 6 questions in Long March

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan raised six questions in the long march.

Addressing the participants of Azadi March in Gakhar Mandi, Imran Khan said that they are shaking, we have won the Pakistan match.

Imran Khan said that the first question is who was telling Donald Low to remove his prime minister? Second question: Who was threatening Arshad Sharif? Who were they who wanted to shut him up?

The PTI chairman said that the third question is who is silencing journalists, who wants to silence our voice and take our freedom? The fourth question is who is the one who tortured Azam Swati and Shehbaz Gul, who is the one who beat Azam Swati in front of his grandsons and tortured him naked?

Imran Khan said that the fifth question is who is calling from unknown numbers and threatening not to support Tehreek-e-Insaf? The sixth question is who has imposed these thieves and robbers on us? Is the future of this country in the hands of these robbers?

He said that if anyone thinks that this movement will end after reaching Islamabad, then remove your misconception, this movement will continue for the next ten months, until the elections are held.

Imran Khan said that they are sitting in Islamabad, there is nothing for them, the march is going to Islamabad, they are shivering, sweating, real freedom is being seen for the first time in Pakistan, we are above the law. The country should be freed by getting a hand, if there is justice then prosperity comes, the weak is helpless in front of the strong.

PTI Chairman said that Asif Zardari has been robbing the country for 30 years, is it our destiny that Ishaq Dar became the finance minister? It is in the hands of robbers, we will never accept these thieves, death is better if these thieves have to be enslaved.


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