Elon Musk empowers ‘trusted’ employees to work at Twitter

Elon Musk empowers ‘trusted’ employees to work at Twitter

Elon Musk, file photo

Elon Musk, the sole director and chief of Twitter, has authorized trusted employees of his other companies to work for Twitter.

According to international media reports, 50 employees of Elon Musk’s company Tesla will work for Twitter.

The report further states that 2 of these employees belong to Boring Company and one belongs to Neuralink.

According to the report, the employees Elon Musk has given this responsibility to are the ones he trusts the most.

Elon Musk’s trusted employees include Tesla Director of Software Development Ashok Elswami, Autopilot and Tesla Bot Engineering Director Milan Kovac, Senior Director of Software Engineering Maha Varduhagiri and others.

It should be noted that Elon Musk has fired some Twitter executives as soon as he took control of Twitter.

Elon Musk has fired Twitter executives for misleading him and Twitter investors about the number of fake accounts.

According to a report, the 3 fired executives, CEO Parag Agarwal, former CFO Ned Segal and former chief legal officer Vijay Gade will leave the company after receiving around $187 million from the company.


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