Can’t live life without ‘disappointing’ people, actress Sana

Can’t live life without ‘disappointing’ people, actress Sana

Collage courtesy of Instagram

Famous Pakistani TV and film actress Sana has shared a meaningful post after divorce.

Actress Sana has shared a photo of herself on Instagram in which she can be seen in action wearing boxing gloves.

In the caption of the post, Sana says that you can’t live a brave life without disappointing people.

Remember that earlier in her first post-divorce interview, actress Sana said that I am not strong, I have learned during the experience of divorce that I am not a ‘still man’.

Sana further said that what should I say on this topic, but I have chosen to make the rest of my life the best.

He also says that I think people are now brave enough to take steps for their own happiness, to let go of what they don’t feel safe or comfortable with, and that’s a good tradition.


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