Alize’s brother’s statement regarding Feroze Khan’s torture has come out

Alize’s brother’s statement regarding Feroze Khan’s torture has come out

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The statement of the brother of Alize Sultan, the ex-wife of Feroze Khan, the well-known actor of Pakistani TV and film industry, has come out regarding the violence against her sister.

Alize Sultan’s brother Ahsan Raza spoke to the media for the first time after the hearing of the case in a local court in Karachi yesterday.

Alize Sultan’s brother Ahsan Raza said that Feroze Khan’s legal team is calling the evidence of torture presented in court on our behalf as fake, we intend to provide more evidence, if the evidence seems to be fake. They are also ready to get their forensic done.

Alize Sultan’s brother said that we did not want to bring the evidence of torture before, but these court documents are public, so the old evidence has also come before the public, which Feroze Khan’s lawyers called fake and an eye infection. are giving

Ahsan Raza said that everyone knows that in eye allergy the eye is red, the eye is not swollen, Feroze Khan’s legal team is not talking about the forensics of these evidences in the court.

Alize’s brother further said that he had filed an application in the court before but withdrew it due to threats, now there is no relationship, so why wait for justice.

Alize’s brother said that Feroze Khan’s team is talking wrongly in the court, my sister was being called psychotic, she was crying, Alize could not speak in the court.

After hearing the case of Alize Sultan and Feroze Khan in the court, Feroze Khan’s lawyer said while talking to the media that Alize’s lawyer presented wrong evidence to the court, on the application submitted by Alize at the police station. There were no signatures, it was a draft, the court does not consider documents without signatures as evidence.

Feroze Khan’s lawyer further said that we can file a new case against Alizeh if we want, but we want to settle the matter because Alize Sultan is a mother of two children, we do not want to create problems for her.


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