Why did Aryan Khan decide not to sell the series before the shooting was completed?


Aryan Khan, file photo

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son Aryan Khan has decided that he will not sell his series to any streaming service until the shooting is completed.

According to an Indian media report, a source close to Shah Rukh Khan says that Aryan Khan does not want to be under the pressure of any kind of fixed deadlines during his work, more importantly, he wants to do the series. want to make music their own way and don’t want a streaming service interfering with the way they work.

Sources say that almost every major streaming platform is chasing Aryan Khan to buy his series and they also understand why there is so much demand for his unfinished series as it is the first of his career. The project is

Sources further said that Aryan Khan does not want to get any special attention being the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan in the industry, rather he wants to make a name for himself through his own hard work.

It should be noted that Shahrukh Khan’s son Aaryan Khan is not interested in appearing on screen and wants to show the world his creativity only behind the camera.

In this regard, Aryan Khan had announced on Instagram some time ago that he is starting his film career as a writer.


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